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General Information

This website provides educational and informational resources intended to help you navigate your midlife transitions and succeed on your midlife journey, While we share personal experiences, expert opinions, and curated content, we do not make any guarantees about specific results. Your individual circumstances, effort, and commitment will significantly impact your journey and the ultimate outcome of your journey will be the result of innumerable circumstances that may be beyond our knowledge and control. Any testimonials or success stories shared on this website or any associated social media platforms are provided as examples of potential outcomes and should not be interpreted as guarantees of similar results for all.

Coaching/Counselling Sessions

Please note that neither the content provided on the Midlife Encounters site and platforms nor the coaching and counselling services are intended to be a substitute for therapy or other forms of professional health care. We offer personalised midlife coaching and counselling services, however, we do not claim to be a licensed professional service in that regard. Our coaching and counselling sessions stem from the wealth of experience and knowledge gathered over the years by our qualified coaches/counsellors to deal with issues surrounding career, relationship, family/life, spirituality, and personal advancement at midlife. 


Blog Articles

Finally, the content on our blog may reflect the author's recollections of real-life experiences over time. However, to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, names and identifying details may have been changed. 

Changes To This Disclaimer

We reserve the right to update this disclaimer at any time without your notice or consent, however, we will send a notification to all our registered site members and subscribers in the event of any updates to this disclaimer. 

Additional Information

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