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How Do I Rediscover Myself As A Woman At Midlife?

Midlife is the time for people to rediscover their authentic self and power. Women tend to exhibit sudden realization of power and independence more than men at midlife because of the unique structure of society where men take control earlier.

At midlife the society, family and career structure that might have repressed women begin to break off and women begin to navigate life with more courage, boldness and power. This situation will suddenly arouse the curiosity of the man, wondering what has happened to my spouse.

Nothing happened, she just came into the place of self reignition and power.

When a woman comes into her place of power she begins to try new ideas she had always wanted to try out, try new fashion styles, travel to new places, speak a bit more assertively, seek higher education and contribute more at strategic levels.

What has happened is that she has rearranged and reprogrammed her priorities and cut free from the sense of guilt about priority changes.

She loves her children, but they are now independent and want their own teenage time and events. The time and attention are not as intense, even the teenagers or young adults would not like the attention. “Mom, I'm not a baby anymore.” That means you have to leave me alone and get a life of your own. At least that is how she might interpret the message.

The man is busy, there is already a structure to support him and some things are now done by the children or support staff. This means the woman has more free time and a chance to breathe and reason towards the next stage of her life.

Initially, her family will find this strange and push back depending on your culture. The push back will only make her more clever in trying to actualize her dreams and desires.

Cultural pressures will begin to fail after a while and people will become more assertive about their personal preferences and their future.

It is important to be clear minded about the future and to set up plans, goals or new aspirations, so that with your new state of life and more free time, you can channel your passion and energy into great projects.

It is not too late to start a new career, it is not too late to start a new business and new adventures.

It is not too late to enroll in advanced education or trade certification and become proficient in a skill.

The key is to set up a new plan of life and look forward to another 25 years.

Midlife is the time for people to rediscover their authentic self and power.

Start your new journey today.


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