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Can You Stop The Rain From Falling? - Part 1

Life is a rain of different experiences. Our mindset prepares us for the different rains and the impact they have on us.

You may not be able to stop the rain from falling but you can create and condition your mind to take on the beauty of the rain, or you can develop systems that can shield you from the adverse effect of the rains.

Seasons of our lives bring different rains and it’s our responsibility to recognise the seasons and take control of ourselves. It is our responsibility to assess the value and the impact the rain can bring and to prepare for all possible outcomes.

Reflective Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where am I?

  3. What do I seek?

  4. How did I get to my current state?

  5. Which way do I want to go?

  6. How do I intend to get to this new destination?

These reflections will help you take full advantage of the current rain and you will become more perceptive of the situations and unique circumstances.

You will be better able to manage the situations and create better solutions.

Look at the current rains in your life and embrace it with a new mindset. Channel your energy to funnel the rain in new ways.

Can you stop the rain from falling?


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