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Can You Stop The Rain From Falling? - Part 2

When it rains, you sometimes run happily into it to have fun as fond memories flash before your eyes. Other times, you lock all your doors and keep safe within the confines of your house because the heavy rainfall makes it too dangerous to go out.

Occasionally, we experience a series of negative and positive events that can reveal the patterns of rain and their impact, so someone asked the question, can you stop the negative rain from falling?

The first question is what do we define as negative rain?

It represents a series of events that might have a negative impact on your emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

You may need to determine if these series of events are totally and generally negative to everyone that experiences it or it’s the interpretation you have given to the events.

For example:

Are all relationship break ups negative?

Are all job losses negative? or

Are all financial challenges negative?

Not everyone experiences and responds to these events in the same way because the events are perceived differently based on the mindset of each person.

It is true though, that events such as death and other tragedies are negative, but we can change the trends if we find our purple spiritual state: if we use our faith, belief, and the revelations and promises of God that we should consistently speak into our situations.

If we become purple spiritually, we can trace the sources of negative trends and stop them by our new mindset, getting new knowledge and insights into our old patterns of decision making that might have created the challenges.

We may even need to change our circle of friends or re-educate our family members about our new found higher wisdom and new attitudes or practices.

So, can you stop negative rains from falling consistently?

Absolutely - YES.

Steps To Stop The Negative Rain From Falling

Step 1: Recognise the trends of the negative rains and sources of the trends.

Step 2: Gain new knowledge and insight about the trends.

Step 3: Look at the issues less emotionally and more pragmatically for effective solutions.

Step 4: Speak and confess in a different light about the situation.

Step 5: Seek assistance and support from counselors and coaches or people with different experiences so that you can lose your fears and concerns.

Step 6: Become purple spiritually and pray.

Are you ready to stop the rain from falling?


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