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I'm Battling Complex Challenges, How Do I Get Out?

Life comes with unique experiences that could be positive, neutral, or negative.

We progressively become the sum total of our experiences and interpretation of the experiences. We also become the sum total of the knowledge acquired directly or indirectly.

We validate the knowledge when our experience lines up with the knowledge.

Life becomes a series of sequences, patterns, routines, schedules, & events. We build our existence around these factors and concretise our lives in patterns.

There are 3 complex challenges that begin to appear by midlife:

  1. Our unconscious mindset.

  2. Our concretised routines.

  3. Our funneled expectations and resultant patterns of communication.

Take time today to:

  • Review your seemingly unconscious mindsets.

  • Review your routines to test the assumptions that built the routines.

  • Redefine your expectations.

How Do You Deal With These Complex Challenges?

  1. Come out of yourself and look at your life from a higher plane. What do you see? How did you come to your conclusions about your life?

  2. Take stock of your life, count your blessings, count your victories, count your strong efforts, & see yourself from a new pattern.

  3. Visit new places, watch documentaries about new locations, events, people technology, inventions, & expand your mind & see new things that will inspire new thoughts.

  4. Connect with new people, attend unrelated conferences and listen to people talk about a completely different life, challenge your thinking with new approaches. Take on feedback & new ideas from family & friends.

  5. Reconnect with your Heavenly maker and look at divine direction, become contented.

Remember this,

You will always find someone that is ahead of you. You will always find someone having new breakthroughs in different areas of life.

People all around you are experiencing life in different stages of their own journey and they will have different manifestations.

You will daily hear about different people’s victories and progressions and while others may be going through different stages of challenges.

Life is happening in different cycles for different people.

Anchor yourself on the set goals & purpose.

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olajumoke ajayi
olajumoke ajayi
09 paź 2023


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