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Enjoy "You" Now

Midlife Encounters with Oye Stir, The Midlife Coach

What happens when we plan to take a trip or a holiday?

We make a decision, book our travel items, pack our bags, take our personal documents, call a cab, get to the airport, check-in, buy duty-free items, call home, arrive and continue the cycle. We realize that the destination is the goal but every stage of the journey is to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Life can be seen as a journey, a transition, and movement towards a destination. It comes in different shades and the shades change with each passing day.

Self acceptance is a subject to be learnt early in life.

It is the appreciation of your existing self and your "now-self", the appreciation of the miracle of “nowness”, wellness, and the ability to change and become anything you want to be.

There comes a glorious point somewhere in your transition, where you have to stop trying to run or escape from who you are now. This is a time where you are not trying to improve, compete, compare, or review. It is a time for you to just enjoy the "nowness" miracle of being.

Allow yourself to practice how to love yourself unconditionally as a unique person "now", today, regardless of where you are coming from, where you are going, and what you have achieved or want to achieve.

You are you, so be you, and enjoy your existential presence. Take action today and enjoy the moment.

Don't stop at loving yourself now, appreciate your family and friends "now", accept them for who they are regardless of who you feel and think they need to become.

This is a practice you should gain before middlescence, as it continually inspires deep happiness and contentment with a deeper and more meaningful purpose to self-improvement and self-empowerment.


"Be content to see who you really are."

"Review and redefine the core beliefs about yourself."

"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts."

"Practice self acceptance, it’s the cure for perfectionism and unhappiness."


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Article by:

OyeStir (The Midlife Coach)


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