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Focus On Abundance

Optimism is a daily choice.

It can feel strange at first to find ways to praise yourself, it is often easier to focus on what you have not achieved rather than the things you have done well. If you spend all your time focused on what is lacking in our lives, we will never be content and we will push ourselves into the rhythms of negative emotions.

However, if we shift our perspective and begin to think about all that we do have, everything suddenly changes. Approaching the day ahead from a position of abundance rather than scarcity helps us to love and appreciate life more profoundly and to see huge possibilities ahead.

Create conditioned daily thoughts and give yourself a few minutes to reflect on everything you achieved over the last 48 hours. Appreciating and celebrating small victories will inspire new insights of grace and abundance.

If you make this positive reflection a daily habit, then you can begin to build up momentum in key areas and start a rapid movement towards your desired life.

Make a decision today to invest your positive and creative energy focused on signs of abundance all around you.

You can feel the energy as you walk into a space alive with people driven by positive energy. If you wake up feeling like your batteries are too low, remember - energy creates energy, so inspire your energy.

Positive energy is a virtuous circle so jump start your day with energy and passion of your mind. Focus on these things today:

  • abundance of love.

  • abundance of family

  • abundance of energy

  • abundance of grace

  • abundance of friendship

  • abundance of beauty

  • abundance of freedom

Let your energy grow by journeying in your strong sense of abundance.


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