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I Need Help - Getting Support at Midlife.

Getting Great Support at Midlife

Sometimes, the challenges that men face are like a “lame in lo-debar” situation. You are handicapped or challenged in a parched place, a situation that seems like you are drowning in a deep well.

You can get out and you will surely get out.

The challenge for all men today is not “who” but, “when” and how long you will experience these types of challenges at varying degrees.

The depth and length of the experiences is conditioned by:

our mindsets, belief systems, personal impetus, self-discipline, level of information, social capital, personal reputation of integrity, kindness, and support for others, support groups, investment and very supportive family and friends.

These types of situations call for extensive reminder of the promises and oaths that were divinely given to you as a person.

It goes beyond our strength and "man" abilities, and moves to grace, favour and the deeper mercies of God.

While we may think that we have it all figured out, there are so many things we don’t know, we are limited by our mindsets, perspectives and time.

If we are open minded, humble and see everyone around us as a possible support, you will be surprised that your driver, your support staff, security guard, staff at different levels and children have insightful solutions for your personal and business projects.

Being a man does not suggest that you have and own all solutions, or that you should know it all, that is why it is very important to surround yourself with great people at all levels in life and to be caring, humble, approachable and open to simple daily life conversations with the people around you.

So think about these thoughts;

Midlife Clock

  1. Am I where I want to be in life?

  2. Have I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish?

  3. What do I do with the time I have now?

  4. Do I have a legacy to leave or even want one?

Do these questions with your partner or close friend.

Choose people who will uplift you.

Stay tuned for our next post.


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