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How Do I Get Ready For The Empty Nest?

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Today, we are introducing a new series:

Crucial Conversations At Midlife

In this series, we will present conversation topics and provide a set of questions for you to answer.

The single biggest problem in conversation is the illusion that it has taken place.

- George Bernard Shaw



One of the most common transitions at midlife is the transition to an empty nest.

Here are some crucial questions to ask yourself as you get closer to the time for your empty nest:

  1. Am I ready to live at home without my children around me?

  2. What will I do everyday now that there are no children to take care of?

  3. What are my new priorities for my finances?

  4. If I'm in this job only because of my children, what job do I really want to do when they leave?

  5. What if my children don't leave the house when the time comes, will I have to chase them out?

Hold this conversation with yourself first and let your spouse do the same.

Afterwards, sit with your spouse and have the conversation with each other so you can align your decisions.


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