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How Do I Prepare For My Old Age?

Midlife is a time to start thinking about your old age.

We know the popular saying that "time flies" or " time waits for no one," well, it is certainly true. The clock does not stop ticking for anyone, it will continue to move forward and you have to make a choice to use your time wisely and productively.

Life is full of transitions. Once upon a time, you were a little child under the care or your parents. Time moved and you became a teenager. Time continued to move and you became a young adult, a spouse, a parent, an empty nester, and eventually you will be a grandparent.

How do you prepare for your old age?

Let's try a practical exercise,

Attempt to provide answers to each of these questions and be as detailed as possible.

  1. What will I be doing between the ages of 65-85 years old?

  2. Where will I be residing? Will it be calm and peaceful?

  3. What will be the state of my mind? Happy? Joyful? Regretful? Sad?

  4. Who will I have around me?

  5. Have I developed adequate relationships to last a lifetime?

  6. What will be the state of my body and health?

  7. Have I changed my eating habits to help me live better at old age?

  8. What religious group will I be connected to that will provide me support?

  9. What will be the relationship with my children, spouse and grandchildren?

  10. What will be my financial state? Will I be able to take care of my basic needs and live a comfortable life?

Now is the time to plan and execute programs that will give you a great and positive experience at old age.

It starts now!

Do you need help to provide answers to the questions we raised?

Book a coaching session with us today.

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