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No Gree For Idleness In 2024 - How To Create Your New Year Plan

A major focus for starting your new year is to develop a plan of action, with specific projects or initiatives that will help you navigate through this period...

Happy New Year and welcome to a progressive era!

We say this at the start of every new calendar year but what really makes it a new year?

Really, December 31st to January 1st is a transition to the next day same as December 1st to December 2nd.

I know we all shout Happy New Year at 12:00am in our local time on January 1st but it could be a new calendar year and nothing changes about you.

This does not have to be the case. Don't just tweet "New Year, New Me", take active steps towards a better and improved version of you.

What does a New Year represent?

The start of a new season and a new chapter. In another article, we will discuss how a new year for you may not always be on the 1st of January. In today's article, we are going to focus on the new calendar year.

Welcome to a beautiful 2024 our wonderful MLE family!

It's been 2 weeks into 2024, can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that we shouted Happy New Year.

This is how time passes and will keep passing, but you can make a commitment this year that you will make every moment count.

It is a new year & I believe that a new year should come with new mindsets & new attitudes.

2024 may be a landmark year for transiting into a new space, era, career & family life.

How Do You Start The New Year?

A major focus for starting your new year is to develop a plan of action, with specific projects or initiatives that will help you to navigate through this period.

If you have done this already, that's amazing. I am rooting for you!

And if you have not, don't worry, you can make the decision today to develop a plan of action for the new year.

Imperatives For Developing Your New Year Plan

1. First and foremost, you need to dedicate time to conduct an honest appraisal of your life in 2023. Ask yourself these questions around your family life, career, finances:

  • Which areas did I succeed or perform poorly and why?

  • What could I have done differently or better?

If you are unable to provide answers to any or all of these questions, do not be discouraged. Make a decision that in 2024, you will settle and create a clear plan and actively measure your execution all through the year.

2. Next, you need to ask yourself these insightful questions about 2024 & beyond. 

  • What areas do I need to grow and what is my primary growth plan?

  •  Who will I become in 2024?

  • What new & progressive mindset do I need to install?

  • What inner self conflict do I need to decompose?

  • How will I reposition myself strategically?

These insightful questions & more should inspire newness of ideas & energy for 2024.

3. Based on your answers, you can begin to develop your 2024 plan around your:

  • Family Life

  • Career & Business growth

  • Health & Wellness

  • Financial Growth & Stability

  • Spiritual Development 

  • Knowledge & Wisdom

  • Exposure & Travels

Structuring your plan and having specific goals & objectives around each focus area will give you higher results for 2024.

Did you find this helpful?

Go ahead and develop your New Year Plan today. Don't put it off until tomorrow.


Dear MLE family,

We are refreshed and ready to dish out more inspiring articles for you to read this new year.

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