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Look At Life Differently

Looking at issues from the same perspective over and over again creates images that get locked into your mind.

It's time to look at issues from a different elevation, side, and angle. You will surely see dimensions that you have never noticed.

Tap into your subconscious mind and see beautiful images that you need to unlock. Even when your conscious mind feels completely stuck with a problem, your subconscious mind will continue to work on it without you even realizing the ongoing process.

Certainty is reassuring and predictable but being uncertain is how we learn; knowing that you don't know, drives learning and progress.

Being comfortable with not knowing makes you more open to the world and enables you to fully embrace its possibilities.

However, learning to be happy with the unknown takes daily practice.

Doing this will help you see differently and solve problems.


Other Ways To Look At Life Differently

1. Research and study what you wonder about and learn so that it will help you see things differently. What do you wonder about? It was Socrates who said that "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom."

2. Allow yourself time to wonder, day dream, and let your imagination roam free.

This is a great way to inspire yourself to see differently and create new opportunities.

Curiosity drives new views of life, challenges and opportunities.

3. Begin to question your ideas, patterns, assumptions and information.

Ask the “Why” question 5 times - challenge your thinking and break through the strong emotions that may not allow you to think more deeply and widely about these assumptions.

Begin to stack up the questions about -Who-What-When-Where-Which -How.

Ask the basic questions more curiously and consistently.

4. Become happier intentionally.

After doing all these, ask the same questions again and you will notice that your mind will process things a little differently.

So, it is time to look at your career and job again and see things differently to

Look at your family and relationships and see differently: imagine a new view to everything. This will surely resolve family challenges.

Maybe life is not as complex as we have imagined, maybe looking at life can change everything.


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