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Look Forward & See Possibilities

The Rear View Mirror is an essential tool in every vehicle.

Providing Vision and Perspective to where we are coming from, Obstacles, distance covered and gives an idea of what is approaching from behind.

It is difficult to drive a Vehicle without a rear view mirror, and even more difficult to drive a car looking only at the rear view mirror.

"Viewing only where you have been is a terrible way to figure out the future."

The past may predict the future depending on the lesson taken from past events.

We must ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Are we good students of the past?

  2. What is history teaching us?

  3. Do we use the past as a springboard or as stories for regrets and excuses?

The rear view mirror of our minds needs to have indicators to remind us of the important learning points while also refocusing our attention on the future.

Pain, pleasure and numbers are all signs and experiences we can learn from and use these experiences as road markers into a new Future.

The windshield ahead is much bigger and wider than the rear view mirror, also the back windshield is many times smaller and narrower than the front.

So look forward with a boarder vision and see new possibilities.


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