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How To Become Smarter - Midlife Adroitness

Do you have moments of reflection? Do you let experiences redefine your life? This post serves to lead you to a place of reflection.

Past experiences can become the only label and description we use to gauge our life and position for the figure. We are unaware of the depth of influence these experiences create in us and we become incarcerated by the patterns. Our authentic self then begins to rebel against those patterns and question our assumption.

If we have developed great personal will, self-awareness and self-discipline these will query the label and search for new knowledge and ideas to liberate our authentic self, but if we are uninformed, connected to people that have similar patterns, people driven by a closed mindset, then we will remain in the past and justify our results by labels we have accepted.

It is time to conduct a self audit to determine the current and future impact your experience has levied on you. Why do you reason the way you do, why do you judge issues the way you do, why do you like or dislike certain types of people, why do you like or dislike places, forces, or things. Socrates said “man know thyself.”

Many times we hold on to specific viewpoints in life. These viewpoints are primarily based on our level of information, insight, mindset and perspectives yet these are limited by space and time.

Your holding pattern, viewpoint and arguments are resident within your emotions, that is why when your viewpoint is challenged or questioned, you tend to deflect and answer emotionally before logic, making it more difficult to see other viewpoints and insights.

Midlife is a time to step back and question your basic assumptions, to query the sources of your expectations and inspirations, to unpack your values of life and review your defiant mode. If you are able to self-reflect, question your core and draft new arguments, you will be able to better appreciate your elevation. Therefore, your perspective will change, you will listen more actively, become less defensive and become open to new thoughts and contributions. This single action can improve your life, your career and relationship.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

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