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How To Become Awesome - Midlife Awesome

We hope you read our previous post, and it made you reflective. The aim of this post is to ignite the spark of awesomeness in you.

I'm awesome and you're awesome.

Midlife seems to be linked to crisis and many think it's a compound word. You can be awesome at midlife; it does not have to be a crisis.

It is a matter of fact that you have awesomeness in you, you just have to define it.

Dealing with transformation and life changes can create growing pressure, exposing your strengths, weaknesses and truths. You must decide to be cool and become awesome.

Awesome means you are good, you are inspiring, you are authentic, you are original, you are filled with positive vibes, you are filled with creative fun ideas, you are a great friend, great colleague and a nurturing partner. Awesomeness is a choice regardless of the transition challenges you are facing. You are surrounded by the wonderful things you have done and great people that love you.

You are awesome because of the confidence you have in your abilities.

You are awesome simply because you are awesome.

1. One of the great factors of being awesome is keeping your body in shape, loving yourself, loving your looks, loving your frame and seeing the beautiful advantages of having your body type.

Keep fit, do moderate exercises and enjoy appropriate and healthy meals, drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin and feel energised. Work on your body so that it can take you on the long journey of life in a healthy and smart way. Remember always that your body is awesome.

2. Invest in your mind, feed your soul, read inspiring literature, listen to great ideas from different schools of thought and express your thoughts in writing articles, blogs and comments.

Your mind is awesome, it has incredible ability to create great ideas, it can create beautiful works of art, music, cuisine, imaginations, data patterns and scientific concepts. Your soul is awesome, explore your soul and bring out your deepest beauty, product, services to uniquely impact your world.

Protect your mind from hurt, worry, baseless arguments, conflict, envy and bitterness. Strive to become more emotionally intelligent, smartly direct and control your emotions, don't allow your mind to create evil revenge or catastrophe that diminish your awesomeness.

Your mind is a plain canvas, paint awesome, beautiful and productive things on your mind everyday.

Out of the abundance of your heart and mind, your mouth will speak.

So if you want great positive inspiring and impactful speeches flowing from you, then invest in your mind. Your mind is the gateway into your soul and spirit. Therefore you need to set up guards, filters and garrisons to carefully select what goes into your mind and what can continue to stay in your mind.

3. Do things that inspire joy and happiness for you and people around you. Share happiness, share great memories and a beautiful imagination of the future. Spend time doing things you love, spend time with great and wise minds .

4. Social media is a tool or a weapon. You will need to use it purposefully to achieve your goals. Spending endless time wandering through social media can become addictive and ignite depression, aggression, anxiety, haste and unrealistic expectations.

Social media is a great tool for work, communication, business, news and so many other things. It is also the most unregulated space so people can create, curate images, videos, inspire falsehoods that can polarize your thoughts about places, people or things. Do not forget that your mind is awesome, so don’t let comments on social media derail you.

Living an awesome life is a process that you keep refining daily to keep yourself on track.

You are vulnerable but awesome. Your weakness is not your totality and your inability or failed projects do not define you.

You are truly awesome if you believe it from deep within you. Don’t allow the shallow opinions of others to drown your dreams. People make comments and give opinions based on their limited information about you and their inability to see your potential and future possibilities.

Don’t allow anyone use the past to justify your future. You are awesome with a readiness for great opportunities.

Finally, it is time to become a better version of yourself, to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically, become smarter, sharper, push your dreams, push your agenda and become erudite.

Talk to yourself daily, have at least three sets of positive and progress proclamations about yourself, your dream and your awesomeness.

Create an awesomeness mantra to constantly remind you of the awesomeness you possess.

Remember, You Are Awesome.

Reach out to us if you want to talk about your awesomeness and how to fully connect with it.

You can also read our post on Midlife Legacy.

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ubani okechukwu
ubani okechukwu
19 ene 2023

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