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Midlife Career Comeback

Midlife Career Comeback - Midlife Encounters

It’s the final post in our midlife career series for September. We started with Midlife Career Drive then we moved to Midlife Career Transitions to Midlife Career Crossroads to Midlife Career Bridges. To close our career series for this month, we bring you Midlife Career Comeback.

“Your career setback is a setup for your career comeback.”

Have you experienced a setback in your career?

  • Have you gotten to a career crossroad and you feel the decision you made brought a career setback?

  • You’ve chosen this new career path and it’s time to begin your journey, but how do you build influence and credibility in this new path?

  • Did you have to relocate and it feels like a career setback? You’re in a new environment, surrounded by new faces, trying to adjust to this change while attempting to get a new job.

  • Maybe you had to stop working for a year or more to take care of your newborn baby but now that you want to return to work, you feel like you cannot recover from the time away and this is a setback.

Whatever the case may be, don’t view your setback as the end of your career, rather view it as the platform to elevate you to another level.

How do you prepare for your career comeback?

1. Keep Informed

Stay in touch with your job industry trends, community trends, and economic trends.

2. Keep Clued in

Know what is going on in your heart. Know your associations, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. Know the inner voice and new direction of life.

3. Keep Connected

Networking is a powerful and valuable tool; consciously build and expand your network in your career field.

4. Keep Learning

Build new skills for your career, learn daily facts in your industry, practice how to use new technology, and become marketable in a new economic direction.

5. Keep Fit

Physical exercise inspires your mind, a strong body builds a strong mind. While preparing for your career comeback, build your physical fitness.

6. Keep Creative

Brainstorm new ideas that could contribute to your career field as you prepare for your career comeback. Always remember that "creativity is seeing what others see but thinking what no one else ever thought." Let your creativity come alive in this period you may consider as a setback and let that creativity fuel your comeback.

7. Keep Contributing

Volunteer in community services. Have a heart to give back to your community with the skills you have developed over time in your career field.

8. Keep Active

Attend and contribute to virtual or physical events and conferences in your career field.

9. Keep Your Faith & Proclamations

Stand strong in the faith that God will turn your mess into a message, your test into a testimony, your trial into a triumph, change your story from a victim to a victory, and give you a comeback for your setback.


Are you having a career setback? You can reach out to Oye Stir for more advice.




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