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Why Do I Feel So Dissatisfied? - Midlife Dissatisfaction

Midlife Dissatisfaction

A few years ago, I had a coaching session with a particular lady. We started with the telephone sessions, then video sessions and finally had a few in-person sessions. She completed her sessions and travelled to another part of the world to fulfil her dreams.

We reconnected again a few years later, this time with more basic acquaintances and I better understood her social and financial status.

One beautiful day I got a very big and expensive gift at my doorstep from a delivery man. It was one of the best sound systems at that time. I asked the delivery man to wait and I made a call to inquire about the gift and the reason for it, and I got a very mind blowing answer.

“I am in my forties, I am very comfortable financially, married with two lovely children, a great husband, a beautiful home here and abroad, a great family business, yet I am deeply unhappy and many times angry."

So, I sent you a gift so that I can exchange and connect with your happiness, your expressive life, your laughter.” your sense of elixir or somethingness".

I told the delivery man to take the gift back to the sender. By the way, I loved that pioneer sound system. I really wanted it, it would have felt really great to have it, but for the basis of the gift and what I was expected to transfer, I did not think it was appropriate to receive the gift.

Many people at midlife are experiencing these and are looking for a way to exchange their experience in spite of their seemingly beautiful lives. Why?

Life is spiritual and driven by our mindset of who we are and what we deserve. We need to decide where our true happiness and joy comes from and how to sustain the joy and happiness. The true state of happiness and joy is connecting to your divine state and drawing inspiration and direction from your purpose.

Believe that you're enough.

Connect with us and let's talk about your personal purpose.

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