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Midlife Ember

Today, I come with another thought.

We will soon head into the ember months which signifies that the year is coming to an end.

For some who are adept self-planners, goal setters and self-monitoring performers, this is an important time.

The alarm bells might be sounding louder in your mind, or your heart palpitations might become harder or faster; why, because you are measuring your performance against time – end of 2022 (another year gone again!!!).

Self-inflected pressures, social pressures, professional pressures, relationship pressures and regional pressures are things you need to defuse with your own internally built gauges.

Sometimes, it nearly becomes self-internal battles, contesting for your vision, your faith, your self-confidence, your abilities, your potentials, your belief in yourself and most critically the chances of a greater and brighter future.

(Don’t doubt yourself, rather – Fight and install new mindsets)

Several self-internal factors become active in your minds, challenging you about your results as it relates to; who you say you are, your values, your expectations, your dreams, your goals, your personal growth, development, congruence, professional results and social obligations.

“Oya”, it is time, to “be calming down” and celebrate 3 things regardless of your current state –

Firstly, Celebrate Your Free Oxygen – Your Health and your Life. Celebrate your small, medium and big achievements so far this year – Gratitude will expand your mind and help you see more possibilities. Celebrate the fact that you can read this post and anticipate your next moves.

Secondly, Celebrate Love – those people around you that check-in on you regularly, support you, invite you and even conflict with you, these are all huge blessings. Celebrate the fact that you can laugh, cry and share your love with people that recognize you and you can recognize. Celebrate the fact that you can still experience several emotions – of love, passion, dislike, happy, sad, excited, longing, loss, pain.

Thirdly, Celebrate Your Possibilities, your ability to plan again for 2023, celebrate the fact that you can socialize and plan again with some support, celebrate your impetus, celebrate your crazy new ideas and celebrate your focus, celebrate the fact that you have a strong self-identity and the obsession for your next duty/projects and finally, celebrate the growing urgency in your spirit. These are great signs that the best versions of you are still ahead, and your A-game is on schedule.


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