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Leaping Forward At Midlife

  • Where are you now?

  • Does it align with where you are going?

  • Do you know where you are going?

Reading this post will push towards these thoughts.

Do you believe that you are capable of exponential improvement in your performance at every level? You can multiply your personal effectiveness and reach new heights, if only you can imagine new levels and begin working towards it.

You do not have to settle for the way things are now, because everything can change.It is your responsibility to do your “make ready condition” to enable you to move up and grow.

You can prepare for a breakthrough experience by rethinking your beliefs and expectations.

Expect things to start leaping forward, expect multiple growth points and expect a completely different higher plane of success. It is time to measure your potentials and address where you are today then set actions that will help close the gap.

Success comes one step at a time but things can also change quickly and drastically, you need to accommodate this new possibility and expect new levels.

Your unhelpful beliefs and lack of faith in yourself and God might be limiting you, but take a part of your life and create a pilot project of drastic change within a reasonable time and you will see great increase.

You need to unsettle from your comfort zone and place of certainty and start playing with uncertainty.

You have the grace to receive your special dreams and aspirations. Demand from yourself new levels. Rethink your personal rules and assumption about success.

Where did you get those rules?

Are those rules true across the world or is it just your limited experience?

So if you want to accelerate your rate of achievement rapidly employ new mindsets and behaviours.

Unconventional success rates call for unconventional approaches.

The approaches and systems that brought you to this level cannot take you exponentially to the next level so change it.

By midlife, we would have built a routine, comfort system, and a certain schedule that supports us and our family. This is very great and understandable but these can also trap you into an unending pattern of results for many years.

It is time to begin to feel awkward and push away from the routine, engage your family and explain the need for change and new expectations.

You should be ready for resistance and for refusals, but keep communicating and people will see new light soon.

Remember, more and more of the same action will give you the same thing. “More of the same, gives you the same.”(Price Pritchett).

Trying harder is good but trying harder with new and improved strategy is better. It is time to shift gears. It is time to follow new patterns of thoughts and actions.

It is time to become ruthless about trying new things.

These are 7 areas you can review at midlife to make significant change;

1. Rethink and change your mindset, views and behaviours. This will deeply inspire you and change your life radically.

2. Reorganise your home, try remodelling a section, change the colour of a feature wall, move things around. Declutter and improve your living space. This will spark a “possibility fire” inside you

3. Rearrange your weekday or weekend. Include other things and delegate or outsource to others. Break the routine and you will be amazed that you're free to read, to take walks and engage in new activities. Develop yourself and adapt to a new routine.

4. Reconnect with strongly positive, progressive and assertive people that challenge you. Maybe you disconnected because they were too in your face or they unconsciously showed you your concerns and status. Be bold and reconnect with the seemingly annoying people. You need a mix of social contacts that will protect, protest, challenge, and upset you from your routine and comfort zone. If you keep only friends that say “yes” to all you do and say. You are doing yourself a disservice

5. Restrategize your personal brand and outlook. It is time to look like your purpose or intent. To look designed for a new level. Look at yourself in the mirror,

  • Who do you see?

  • What do you see?

  • When do you see?

  • How do you see?

  • Why do you see?

Do you look like you are on a purposeful mission and branded for the mission? Get some help and start restrategizing your personal brand.

6. Recall your lost dreams, ideas, aspirations and projects. Go back to the drawing table and replan. Decide to give the idea a new try and new effort with a new mindset. Leverage your new network and ask questions that can help you execute better.

7. Repent, Forgive, Let go of any hurt, pain and regrets holding you down. You can not leap forward carrying so much hurt, pain, vengeance and anger in your heart. Let it go.

It is your responsibility to leap forward to grow, take the risk now and achieve your dreams. Put on your energy and your passion today and move up.



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