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Midlife Living

Midlife Living - Self Fulfilment

Happiness and joy are always determined by your heart and your spirit. In the here and now, the only thing in your life is your life. Let your life’s purpose shine and you'll experience greater energy and happiness. Life is for living. Become connected with your purpose and meaningful life. Despair can become louder when you are disconnected from your essence, sometimes our extreme modern life, busy schedules, commuting and pressure estranges us from our true selves and we feel like a routine or a tool fulfilling the dreams and goals of others.

We should allow our intuition, curiosity and quest, become our pivot and pilot to connect with higher levels of ourselves. These bright lights will push us out of our routines and complacency or comfort zones, into plain fields or horizons with sky white backdrops, allowing us to re-imagine our future.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a time to be lived with purpose, passion with lovely people in a great positive environment.

Can we develop some basic principles that can help us lead life with grace, satisfaction, fulfilment and love at any level? Yes we can , let's talk about a few here:

  • Find yourself, connect with yourself and express your purpose, passion and talents every moment. Create a legacy for the next generation, let your life become aglow, become a better version of yourself every day. This must be your daily decision.

  • Become permanently grateful, become more thankful at every opportunity no matter how small. Always catch yourself smiling, laughing and happy. Count your blessings daily, count your graces, count your beautiful memories. Inspire an attitude of grace and thankfulness. Practice 21 days of zero complaints and 21 days of thankfulness. Profusely thank anyone that does anything for you with a wide smile. Life is awesome regardless of the challenges we face daily.

  • Make your birthday or birth-date your new year. Get ready to celebrate your age change, another 365 days of life , self growth, challenges, setbacks, love, conflict and life. Keep in shape, plan how you want to celebrate yourself and your transition curves or learning points. Review your achievements, set up new plans, create new connections and personal thoughts or plans you want to achieve before your next birthday. Take control of your life and schedule, use your birthday as your pivot. Wish yourself a happy new year and a happy new birth. Start your new awesome journey the day after your birthday.

  • Eat the rainbow slowly. Eat fruits in seven colours, less flour-based meals, connect with nature. Don't eat too much, eat just enough but don't allow your stomach to become distended and fulsome that you experience pain, slowness, discomfort and hard breathing. Eat but don't labour your body to digest so much food and too much processed food. Let the rainbow guide your food selection. Drink water to get your body moving and your systems optimised.

  • Reconnect with nature. Have live plants around you, place potted plants on your windows and corridor or have a garden. Look for a green park , garden, a house with a lot of trees and flowers and walk through very slowly, feeling the clean air, and listening to the singing of the birds. Let nature bring you new inspiration and new perspectives. Start a garden nurturing project, create potted plants with species from all over the world. Grow vegetables and fruits in small pots and you will feel natural again.

  • Take it slowly, stay active and don't retire -- work, hobbies, career or family responsibilities, things we deeply love to do should make us continue after regular work life. Dont close up or shut down your brain or muscles, keep doing things you love. Remember that from midlife till your 80th birthday is a long time, so prepare for a long show and enjoyable life journey of beauty, grace, thankfulness, learning, challenges and recovery. Find that thing that you will keep doing, even if you are not paid, that task will keep your brain, mind and spirit engaged slowly but fully. Don't retire, just change roles.

  • Find a community you can serve. Join a religious group, specialised club, men or women group with the focus and aim of creating a better community, creating a lasting legacy. Let this group become a place of your higher purpose and calling for the next few years.

  • Create time, occasion, space, and location around your reading, writing and sharing your thoughts. It is time to chronicle your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies and experiences and start sharing with positive and progressive vibes. Ask for technical help to create a blog, vlogs or join the writers club. This might become your next biggest project for the next 15 years. Bring out your old journals, notes and learning points and develop them for articulation and sharing in a structured way.

  • Midlife living must become intentionally structured and reviewed with accountability partners. Midlife living is the process of re-energizing your spirit, soul and body for another 40 year journey with brightness, grace, joy, purpose, progression and satisfaction.

Midlife living is a change of lifestyle with a purpose to fulfil your spiritual and natural calling. It's an evaluation of your goals, dreams and creating aligned daily activities, monthly projections that will lead you to your deserved destination coloured by joy and happiness.

  • Midlife living is another opportunity to find yourself, to curate yourself, to become authentic with your needs and wants, to fulfil your own dreams, to become childlike again in your creative mind and dream far and wide. It is an opportunity to go out and play, and start living your authentic life.

Make new decisions today.

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