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Midlife Mindsets

Your mindset refers to your ideologies, value system, or perspectives, and at midlife, a key encounter is changing ideologies. Are you caged in one mindset and unwilling to consider new perspectives and form new ideologies?

At midlife, you can’t afford to be locked in by memories. Reignite new imaginations and make fresh memories to shape a redefined mindset.

You have to learn to block out or re-educate your routinized mind already locked by fear. Fear holds you hostage to one mindset and leaves no room for growth. It is a stronghold, a sustained faulty pattern of thinking based on deception and lies.

Your personal beliefs and ideology control your thoughts and your thoughts direct your steps.

The quality of your life is directly tied to your mindset; if your mind is defeated, you are defeated, and if your mind is victorious, you are victorious. You can control your limits and opportunities in life through your mindset.

Are you ready to start the journey of mind renewal?

Renewing your mind takes you to higher dimensions of life. You need to create an atmosphere that promotes a positive-thinking mentality. When you recognize that external forces have the power to influence your mindset, you start to pay more attention to what/who you allow to feed your mind.

Let’s take a look at these external forces,

1. Past Experiences

Your past may have affected your present but you get to decide if it will determine your future. Make a decision to let the past go and look forward to your future.

2. Culture

Be mindful of the destructive aspects of culture that can affect your mindset. You can respect your culture and not agree with every aspect of it. Imbibe the healthy parts and disassociate from the destructive.

3. Family Background

Free yourself from the bondage of any negative family background. At midlife, you may start to wonder if you repeated the same mistakes as your father or mother. Even if you did, forgive yourself and make the decision to keep moving and improving.

4. Level of Exposure

Exposure is gained by your ability to expand and broaden your horizon to know the possibilities out there beyond your scope of reference. At midlife, take time out to explore new ideas, visit new places home and abroad, make new friends, try new recipes.

5. Close Friends

Close friends make you uniquely vulnerable because they have the power to influence your mindset and ultimately your decisions. Midlife is a period that is widely characterized as a crisis, thus, it is more important than ever to keep company with people who see the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty.

I’ll end with this,

"Work on your mind, the authorized usher that leads you to greatness…mindset is everything!!!"


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