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Midlife Nutrition

Midlife Nutrition

Food has become a major point of consideration and discussion. The impact of the type of food that you eat at midlife can become very evident within a few days.

Your body and frame has changed over the years, and you need to intentionally understand yourself and take actions that will support you. I have experimented on myself a few times. For example, I decided to try a 3 month meal plan: basically 95% fruits, vegetables, roots and protein and only 5% carbohydrates.

The results were mind blowing for me, firstly I was able to increase my running/ brisk walking distance by 2km effortlessly, secondly I experienced better mental awareness, less fatigue, no more stress headaches and better control and feel of my body.

My regular bloating was gone and my tummy became flatter. I am not recommending this for you, just helping you see how food affects you at midlife.

See your physician for advice. I also reduced the quantity of meals by using a small measuring bowl or plate to portion my meals, the impact was seen on my tummy and body frame.

I felt really great, all because I worked on my meals, daily exercise, my office chair, driving options, drinks, water and most importantly made a decision to relax, be calm, happy and experience joy more.

I also changed my hard sole shoes to soft comfortable inner sole shoes to aid my blood flow. I have recognized that dressing from a functional, comfortable and ready to go approach helps me to feel much better.

Look at the Mirror, who do you see. Be the change you want to see happen.

Our next post on 'Midlife Dissatisfaction' is not one to miss.


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