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Becoming More Spiritual - Midlife Purple Spirituality 2

We are back with part 2 of Midlife Purple Spirituality.

“Quest for the higher things in life; Quest for the Purple Spirituality.”

Have you read part 1 of Midlife Purple Spirituality?

And if you have, why not review what you already know?

Click below to read:

Now, let’s explore Part 2 and uncover deeper mysteries in navigating the road to Purple Spirituality.

Going through life, we finally come to realize that we have limited understanding of all the realms and levels in life. We see that many things are beyond our imagination and control. Life becomes a mystery when we are unable to connect with our purple spirituality.

There are higher powers, spiritual realms, spirits, principalities and powers that control and govern regions and nations, communities and families. How do we explain the patterns, cultures, circumstances and happenings in these individual lives and communities? Why do you find yourself repeating the same things, patterns, and occurrences in direct or indirect ways with your community?

Look deeper into your tribe - Is there an access gate into your spirit to control your thoughts and therefore your life? Are the family ceremonies and routines portals into your spirit to control your thoughts? How is it that your education, exposure, self development and personal beliefs have not been able to change certain family or community patterns?

You have relocated 7000 miles away from your community yet you completely replicated and invited the same people in your space creating the same atmosphere and results.

“The tools of our trade are not for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture.”

Science has attempted to study and reveal the sources of community and family patterns and yet it turns up more questions than answers. You might have tried to explain the patterns logically or academically, yet your arguments fall short.

View your difficulties as the substance that produces for you an eternal glory far beyond all comparison. Don’t focus your attention on what you can see as it is only temporary, rather, focus on the unseen realm which is eternal.

Think Purple Spirituality - Create your beliefs and connect with higher dimensions and powers that deepen your consciousness about yourself and your creator. Communicating with your creator and translating your messages, creating new patterns and new generations in the fashion you have received, living your life according to the scripts, spiritual witness and language as received in your spirit.

What do you believe? What are the things most surely believed by you? What do you base “faith or fate” on? You did not create yourself, “something” or “someone” created you, so find that source and reconnect to get your new patterns, to become anew, refreshed, regenerated with a new message, your gospel.

We cannot resign our faith or fate to the old patterns that we met, we need to build better, weave better, create better, see better, transfer better knowledge and heritage to the next generation.

To become “PURPLE” you will need to ask yourself the question: “What do I truly believe?”

Question the efficacy of the faith that was passed down to you. Put your belief to work and develop your own testimonials about the faith you have come to believe. You cannot be a believer without testing the strength of your faith.

Do you need help finding your purple spirituality?

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Look out for Part 3 coming out next week Wednesday.



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