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I Am Changing...

Who Am I Becoming?

Life is a journey filled with new experiences everyday. Are you ready for the adventure of role transitions?

Midlife does not have to come with crises; you can become the best version of yourself but you have to be prepared to continuously edit your beliefs, upgrade and expand your identity.

This is the drive behind the Midlife Encounters blog. We are here to present you with ideas and thoughts to edit your beliefs, upgrade and expand your identity so as to avoid the infamous midlife crisis.

What are Midlife Encounters?

Midlife Encounters are road signs giving you insight to your journey at midlife.

One of these midlife encounters is the Midlife Role Transition.

You will experience a change of roles from a wide perspective. It is time to consider the various roles you will begin to play in life soon and consider the most appropriate personality types and skills that are essential to each role.

What does it take to be a learning, wonderful and progressive mother-in-law, sister-in-law, step father, foster father or mother, or grandparent?

What does it take to be a new husband and new wife or to be intentional parents of an adopted child?

These roles require a new set of skills, attitude, information and personality to ensure intentional and consistent success.

A lot of the stress and strain we experience in life comes from changing roles and relationships that we did not carefully plan and rehearse. We become fathers without thorough education on fatherhood or we become partners without fully understanding the requirements for the new role. Just imagine the relational stress and strain that comes with acting in ignorance for long periods.

If you want to change your experience with some midlife relationships, then you need to change your mindset, change your skills and personality and how you approach each of these relationships. Spend time reading, studying and researching the new roles and situations and become more aware of the required actions for sustained success.

This will help you become happier, better connected, more loving and appreciative of each of the relationships you have.

This does not eliminate all the challenges and history of issues in the family, but it will surely begin to change the level of conversations and your approach to basic family and relationship issues.

Investigate your new role and learn the right skills to succeed. Take action today!

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