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Midlife Self Convergence

Self convergence at midlife

Tell your story boldly and creatively.

Become aware of the labels life's convention gives to you.

People, family, and society create labels and conventions and they expect you to fit into the mold with diligence.

You must develop the ability and courage to be unique, different, and deploy the improved version of your authentic self.

If you are at the midlife transition stages, it's time to do a quick check, to determine who and what you are or what you have become. Let the answers inspire changes and newness that will lead you to the real You.

You need to break out of the status quo by unearthing the expired or irrelevant conventions and creating new labels for yourself. Yes, you need to rechristen yourself for a greater future. So, how can we successfully transit to higher levels of consciousness and success;

Firstly, it's time to become dissatisfied with the labels and conventions of your life, it's time to question your assumptions and limits. You really do not need a real reason to become dissatisfied with your present position, you just need to upscale for the future.

Secondly, disconnect from the artificial or superficial things that you have used or allowed to be used to define you. Strip yourself of the strongholds that make you feel worthy, unworthy or successful by the superficial things. Don't allow your possessions or lack of it define you.

Thirdly, it’s time to question your assumption about life and question your schedule and your expectations. Why do you do the things you do? How did you come to have these expectations? Question the core of your personality, what made you accept your current character. Can you begin to view things from a different perspective.

Fourthly, try and identify a point of convergence between your inner self and your outward expectations. Determine where you find diligence and confidence. Investigate and identify why there is a strong or weak divergence between your inner and outer core.

Next, begin the process of rewriting your story, your dreams, your goals, and what you have decided to become. Dig within yourself and find your authentic self, dig deeper and express what gives you value and meaning. Validate yourself internally and begin to show a new you. Let the transformation that started inside you begin to show outwardly.

It is important to acknowledge what is happening to you. Identify your state of mind or life, but don't try to label yourself, allow yourself to drift and float for a short period, then you need to try and focus on something, refocus on a short term project or long term goals.

Recount the little wins you have had and recount how you got the wins. Recall the mid-size and the big wins you have had and allow your memory inspire a smile and great spirit.

This will allow you to set off new imagination and new possibilities of what you can do and what your life can become.

Allow your creative imagination and upgraded thinking to take over your mind and soul, deeply visualize your new levels and new life.

Let the new visualization create new stories that you will share with your close family, or friends. Talk with energy and passion about your transformation and let it sink deep into your soul. Create a quiet and holy time to pray and meditate and allow deeper permeation into your mind.

Start your transformation today.

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