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My Future is Bright and Beautiful

Is your future Bright & Beautiful? - Predicting Midlife Encounters

  • Are you truly enjoying your intentional life and fulfilling your dreams?

  • Are you openly frustrated at midlife and you do not know why?

  • Are you hiding behind the mask of the soft life but secretly unhappy?

  • Are you swinging from multiple emotional extremes and you feel very concerned about your moods?

  • Are you deeply affectionate but you are not in the position to express yourself?

We understand these diverse feelings and that is why we do what we do. We help you go through the next stage of your life more prepared in readiness for any unfolding circumstance.

You have to create the life you want from the mindset and level of expectations you set up in your heart. Your life is the expression of your heart and soul.

Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak words and tell narratives that are aligned to your beliefs. Remember, it is not too late to start all over again or to start afresh. Refuse to get stuck in your routines and schedules, create new experiences for your life. Life is more about our attitude than our circumstances.

Midlife Encounters are actually predictable if you settle down and review your patterns and circumstances. We need to consider a few factors such as your age, family structure, relationships, marriage status, separation, divorce, number of children, location, culture, social connections, beliefs, financial status and faith.

These factors can give us an idea of the type of things we can expect and then create ways to increase the positives, decrease the negatives or decelerate the impact. We can use data, events, history, and work patterns to suggest the outlook and expectations about life.

We should not go around mindlessly, unconsciously or naively, without considering the various issues that can occur at different stages or transitions of life. We need to learn, unlearn and plan ahead in anticipation of unique events.

Why is it suggested that the life expectancy of the African man is significantly shorter than the Japanese?

Is it true that the average African woman lives longer than the man?

Is it true that African women become more socially connected at old age while the men disconnect and age faster?

We should ask harder questions about statistics and patterns.

Data tells us WHAT but insight tells us WHY


Take action today to study your situation and reprogram yourself, your schedule and your mindset about the future.

Create new possibilities for the future by working to alter the patterns.

Try these exercises:

  1. Read about the health of African men/women in their late fifties, what happens and what are you prone to - how can you change the pattern?

  2. Read about cultural patterns for African men/women in their mid sixties and seventies, what happens to the family structure, health, mindset?

  3. Read about the careers and business patterns of African men and women in their late seventies, what patterns will become apparent?


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