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How Do I Prepare For the Future? - It's Time For A Personal Growth Challenge

"The only person you are destined to become is who you decide to be."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

You have to love your tomorrow much more than you love your today and make the necessary investments in your personal growth.


Read on and discover more.

Today, we bring you 7 R's of Personal Growth to help you prepare for your future.

1. Rethink and change your mindset, views and behaviours.

This will deeply inspire you and change your life radically.

2. Reorganise your home, try remodelling a section, change the colour of a feature wall, move things around.

Declutter and improve your living space. This will spark a “possibility fire” inside you

3. Rearrange your weekday or weekend.

Include other things and delegate or outsource to others. Break the routine and you will be amazed that you're free to read, to take walks and engage in new activities. Develop yourself and adapt to a new routine.

4. Reconnect with strongly positive, progressive and assertive people that challenge you.

Maybe you disconnected because they were too in your face or they unconsciously showed you your concerns and status. Be bold and reconnect with the seemingly annoying people.

You need a mix of social contacts that will protect, protest, challenge, and upset you from your routine and comfort zone.

If you only keep friends that say “yes” to all you do and say, you are doing yourself a disservice.

5. Restrategize your personal brand and outlook.

It is time to look like your purpose or intent. To look designed for a new level. Look at yourself in the mirror,

  • Who do you see?

  • What do you see?

  • When do you see?

  • How do you see?

  • Why do you see?

Do you look like you are on a purposeful mission and branded for the mission? Get some help and start restrategizing your personal brand.

6. Recall your lost dreams, ideas, aspirations and projects.

Go back to the drawing table and replan. Decide to give the idea a new try and new effort with a new mindset. Leverage your new network and ask questions that can help you execute better.

7. Repent, Forgive, Let go of any hurt, pain and regrets holding you down.

You can not leap forward carrying so much hurt, pain, vengeance and anger in your heart. Let it go.

It's time for you to make personal growth your mission.


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