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Retrain Your Mind

Retrain your mind for a new life.

Do not be conformed to the old patterns but be changed by the retraining of your mind, so that you can become more discerning.

Retraining your mind to become an active instrument to help you navigate through the critical paths and priorities in life. Retraining means learning new skills to enable you to perform different jobs and to approach challenges differently, based on a new mindset or set of information.

What do we need to do to retrain our minds and see differently?

Firstly, associate with a new set of people that are inspiring, progressive, supportive and decisive.

Secondly, become a learner and “doer” as you learn. Develop the time, schedule and priority to consistently learn from Audiovisual materials, Books, interviews, journals and Articles. Chronicle all your learning points from each learning experience and determine the points you can execute immediately and others you can schedule for next week or month.

Thirdly, retrain your mind by writing, discipline your mind to write your thoughts, books, articles, write a song, write a play, create your eulogy or biography, create your journal, and write the thoughts and concepts that come to your mind. Develop several journals for writing different ideas, just write and do not try to edit your writings now.

Why is it so important to retrain your mind?

Your mind receives thousands of thoughts everyday. Some may come through involuntarily, based on your experiences, exposures, family and career.

We can become unconscious about what and how our mind operates and just accept things as they are but retraining your mind deliberately gives you the opportunity to create the mind that you need for a successful family, career, and work life.

Retraining your mind gives you the opportunity to develop your mind into an asset, a weapon, a tool to produce extreme success and to create a new life for you and your family.

Ponder on these self assessment thoughts:

  1. What is the state of my mind?

  2. How did I acquire my current mind?

  3. What is the highest influence on my mind?

  4. Who has the highest influence on my mind?

  5. What does my mind produce for me daily?

  6. Do I feel exhausted, frustrated, or numb about my mind?

You can develop more questions about the state of your mind and determine where you are and what you need to do to retrain your mind.

There are 3 things that can be controlling your mind unconsciously:

  1. Your past experiences and memories.

  2. Your current realities, routines and schedules.

  3. Your imaginations , dreams, desires and creative power.

Think about these 3 statements above : your memory, your reality and your imagination.

You are driven by 3 things -

  • Faith -mind,

  • Fear-mind or

  • blank-mind.

Locate your mind and take control of your life. Become conscious of your mind and actually use your mind to lead you to your desired future.

Remember, your mind is your weapon and your instrument of defense.


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