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Is It Normal To Talk To Yourself? - What You Say Matters

Talk To Yourself

Hello MLE family,

Today, we are bringing you a more practical article on self-development that requires you to look within and talk to yourself.

Talk to yourself everyday about you.

Have a creed and proclamation for your self-development.

Oye’s Creed

In 2021, I developed a few for myself.

Here are some highlights;

  • Oye - smile and laugh harder and become happier.

  • I am becoming kinder, more considerate and I share more.

  • I am more mature and seasoned so I can deal with complex issues.

  • I look and see further than today and tomorrow.

  • It is time for me to envision a greater future with courage.

  • I listen patiently, longer and learn maturity.

  • I speak softly, calmly, and heal through my words.

  • I have a compassionate heart.

  • I forgive and forget faster and I connect or reconnect gracefully.

  • I hunger and thirst for more knowledge.

  • I am becoming more graceful and bring out grace in others.

  • I am less touchy and not easily offended.

  • I experience and show more love.

  • I always seek clarity, generate energy and passion and raise the necessity to do the needful.

  • I always bring more joy, attention, energy to my moments everyday.

  • I look for purely positive people to connect with and share my energy.

  • I develop deliberate daily habits that will shape my life and future.

So I tell myself these things and use the thoughts to drive my consciousness and my actions.

Create Your Creed

Why do you need to create a personal creed and recite it to yourself daily?

It will bring you a significant change in your mindset and your life. You enjoy life better and you increase your value.

You do what you repeatedly say and you become what you repeatedly do.

Are you going to develop a personal creed today?

  • Take out your book and develop your personal creed.

  • Write/Print another copy to paste on your mirror, your wall, your closet, wherever you will see it daily.



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