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When Is The "Right Time" To Have Another Baby?

To have a baby or not to have a baby, that is the question...

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Today, we bring you the next post in our new series:

Crucial Conversations At Midlife

In this series, we will present conversation topics and provide a set of questions for you to answer.

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Today's post is dealing with the conversation, [When Is The "Right Time" To Have Another Baby?]

This is a vital conversation you need to have with your spouse. 

Maybe you've had only 1 child, or maybe you even have 2 or 3 children already but you want more...

Is there a "right time" to have another baby?

Here are some crucial questions to ask yourself and to discuss with your spouse:

  1. Why do I really want to have another child?

  2. What is my idea of a healthy age gap between my children?

  3. Do I have the financial capacity to take care of another child at this time?

  4. Do I have the time to properly raise and take care of another child?

When you have provided answers to these questions, we believe you will be one step closer to determining your own definition of the "right time" to have another baby.


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Watch out for the next post in the series "Crucial Conversations At Midlife."

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