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Who is Controlling You? - Be Mindful of Influences

Welcome to a new month!

Today is a great day & positive vibes have filled the air. 

You get to decide everyday the vibes that you want in your space & as your experience. If you want to experience positive vibes, surround yourself with influences that drive positive vibes.

 Have you ever carefully taken account of the biggest & deepest current influence in your life? The most active influence might have changed based on the different seasons & circumstances of life.

We need to become intentional about the place & space that we are getting the backdrop of our script & daily experiences in life.

Today’s article is a practical one. We may all need to think & audit the process & exposures we have. Here are some questions you need to genuinely ask yourself and answer. I suggest you write down the answers so you can review them after.

  1. Who is talking to you & influencing you?

  2. What do you expose yourself to that influences your aura?

  3. What is feeding your mindset & coloring your appetite?

  4. What is driving you emotionally & making you feel in certain ways?

  5. What makes you lose all your energy & zest when you get exposed?

  6. What makes you come alive & reverberate with passion?

  7. What inspires unending conflict & envy? What defuses these situations?

  8. What makes your blood pressure go up & gives you uneven palpitations?

  9. What is social media doing to my mindset & sharpness in my life?

  10. What is my close inner circle of friends doing to my personality & focus or aspiration in life, family & career?

  11. What happens to me when I am with my colleagues?

2024 needs to become a more intentional period of our circles.

Moving into a new month means auditing  the previous month to determine the impact, results, challenges and changes to our personality that comes from the influences around us. 



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