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Why Midlife Crisis?

"People often associate midlife with crisis, but with adequate knowledge and planning, it can be a graceful transition. You can learn how to appreciate and cope with the core life changes."

I'm sure you have seen this quote across all our platforms. It is the foundation of our term "Midlife Encounters."

It is not impossible go through midlife without crisis but rather enjoy the unique encounters that come with midlife.

Midlife Crisis is a western concept highly dependent on cultural structure, society, and background. It’s a dramatic period of concerns and self-doubt, internal mind battle felt by adults at career crossroads at middle age (relative to society, life expectancy ratio).

It’s the result of sensing the:

1. Passing of their youth

With age comes greater responsibilities. You are now at midlife, the realisation dawns on you that your youthful days are gone. It is true that there are some things you become unable to do when you approach midlife but this is not the end of your story, rather it signifies an opportunity for new beginnings.

2. Imminence of advanced age

The realisation that you are moving to the shades of grey.

3. Andropause and menopause

With midlife comes andropause and menopause; the possibility of an inability to have children again. This can be a huge setback if you are yet to marry or yet to have any children of your own.

4. Career setback

5. Industry crisis – redundancy.

6. Unemployment – underemployment

It’s a reclination that the career is unwanted, undesirable, but not having alternative income sources and daily activities. A strong passion to transit but lacking impetus, skills, knowledge, education, and age.

How do you transition from midlife crisis to midlife encounters?

You have to renew your mind.

Remember our post on Midlife Mindsets

Here are some more tips on renewing your mind

(a) Assess yourself (attitude check)

(b) Make decisions

(c) Inspire yourself


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