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Your Words Will Lead You - Be Careful What You Say

Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth will speak.

Your life consists of 2 things;

1. Thoughts

The thoughts formed in your heart through reading, observation, association and experiences. These thoughts are conclusions, beliefs, and assumptions used to make active daily decisions.

These thoughts together creates a mindset and attitude that conditions the way you see or perceive and the way you talk.

2. Words

Your words come from the way and places you have acquired thought, the cultural narratives and the images you formed, the personality you defined yourself to be.

So it might be important to become more deliberate with your words and statement construction.

God spoke creation into being. Words are spoken to bless, impact, challenge, or repair us by others, therefore, your words can be used to create a new reality to you.

Audit your words, audit what you say to yourself and about yourself.

Are your words creative, progressive, inspiring, and intentional based on the directions of life you have chosen?

It is time to choose your words and statements very intentionally:

- Use your words to intentionally build and inspire people,

- Use your words to create vivid imagination that can be defined and produced,

- Use your words to confidently inspire faith in yourself.

Practice using your words and statements more consciously and actively to produce the things and the life you want to see.

Your words must become your creative weapon, your instrument of creation and production.

Your creative words are assets to you. Regardless of your situation, you can use your words to change your life around and creatively.


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